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Jean Skipper is a self-taught mixed media artist who has been creating for as long as she remembers.  She lives with her family, three personality-filled cats, a biscuit-eatin' porch-sittin' Chocolate Lab named Coco, and a slightly more energetic Beagle named Penny in rural North Carolina.

Jean Skipper’s mixed-media creations are whimsical and sentimental, while honoring her industrial blue collar heritage.  Found Objects are often incorporated as focal components, and she embraces them in copper, brass, and sterling silver.  


Skipper celebrates imperfections.  She believes that these hard-won battle scars are telltale signs of character, resilience, and survival.  Because she never runs out of things to say, hand stamped words and textures are also prominently featured in most everything that she creates. These details provide a narrative to the story of each piece. 


By elevating seemingly random objects to new heights, their story emerges. Collectors intuitively respond to her original hand crafted jewelry and to the manner in which it honors the past, present, and future.   In fact, most of what Skipper creates invokes strong feelings in her collectors. Her creations help to preserve treasured memories while keeping the wearer’s personal stories alive. Her other mixed media creations tend to have a bright and playful outlook. She explains, “Life is serious enough. I like my art with a healthy dose of whimsy.”


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