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The Guardian - Copyrighted by Jean R. Skipper 2005 - 2010

The Guardian ( Image Info )

Copyrighted by Jean R. Skipper 2005 - 2010

These three dimensional arrangements of the things that I treasure are also known as assemblage. With assemblage everything is fair game, and you never know what will show up in one of my creations!

Assemblage is the type of artwork for which I have the least time these days. My treasures await, and when I make the time, I thoroughly enjoy the creative process.

This piece makes use of many of my favorites. A doll's head that I'm sure was loved by a little girl...or two...or three. A lampshade halo and kitchen-gadget wings. Tins and buttons, spools and gamepices, keys and scrap-metal, springs and a garter hook; and words...lots of words. These and more combine to bring this piece to life. It's my way of honoring the past while encouraging hope for the future.

As for its purpose? It's to protect and guide. It's to keep dreams alive in the face of adversity. It's sole purpose is to brighten the heart and feed the spirit. It's something that we could all use in our world today.

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