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The Dream - Copyrighted by Jean R. Skipper 2005 - 2010

The Dream ( Image Info )

Copyrighted by Jean R. Skipper 2005 - 2010

My inspiration for this piece came from an ancient discarded drawer with a beautiful ornate handle, labels, and remnants of its lining still intact. When I saw it, I knew that I had to have it. I wondered what secrets it held in the past, and what it would inspire me to create.

It's been filled with a fabulous collection of discarded treasures. A few include kitchen gadgets, text from recycled books, keys whose locks have long been lost to them, spools, dice, electronic gadgets whose useful life has ended (or so someone thought!!).

The back is covered with hadwritten prose about dreams. I won't reveal the words here; but they're intended to uplift, challenge, and inspire all who read it.

Dreams...this piece is all about dreams. The familiar, the challenging, sometimes spiraling upward, sometimes spiraling out of control. Our dreams often reveal the key to our own happiness, and we should honor them.

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