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Portsmouth Island Memories - Copyrighted by Jean R. Skipper 2005 - 2010

Portsmouth Island Memories ( Image Info )

Copyrighted by Jean R. Skipper 2005 - 2010

Portsmouth Island is a magical place in coastal North Carolina. No permanent residents remain on the island; but memories of a treasured way of life are everywhere along with an amazing array of wildlife.

This piece starts with an original photograph that I created in October 2005. The grasses, trees, and egrets were all painted from the back side of the transparent media, and a piece of archival vellum paper with the definition of "memory" is affixed to the back of the barn. One must look closely to see it, or the detail will go unnoticed. A second transparent layer of inspirational words was added behind the painting; and again, a "Carolina Blue Sky" is the finishing touch.

While on Portsmouth during this visit, I was dreaming of my future and of the memories that I shared with my Dad, who passed away in March 2005. Somehow past, present and future came together for me during this visit in a way that provided tremendous clarity.

Sold to a gallery July 2006.

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